Tips for Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement

How old are your garage door operator and operating mechanism? Do you ever want it to have valuable safety features to make your house secure? Once you have discovered the range of safety and security features available nowadays, you may realize that it is time to upgrade your old system. There are several professional and trustworthy garage door companies such as, Pro Garage Door Indianapolis that are more than pleased to assist you with their services. Their main goal is customer satisfaction.

  • Back-up power and added security features:

A recent model of garage door opener that offers a standby power system and a backup battery will give you the peace of mind that you can operate your garage door even in a power outage. The recent models of garage door openers work on little energy and come with added standby power features. Having a backup battery system with a garage door opener will facilitate you to open and close the garage door several times during the power failure.

In addition to backup security features, newer models of garage door openers come with rolling code technology that will protect your garage door from hacking by changing the passcode randomly each time your garage door is operated. Many models of garage door openers offer vacation lock features that can cut out the transmission with your system while you are not at home.

  • Keyless entry and safety features of garage door:

In the 1990s, the Consumer Products Safety Commission advised manufactures to add anti-entrapment security features to garage door openers. Safety sensors are also added on both sides of the garage door. These sensors are pointed to each other and transmit infrared light. If anything triggers the beam when the garage door is going down, the system will stop and reverses. Keeping sensors aligned and cleaned is important to make sure that they will work smoothly. If something feels amiss, consult professional garage door experts for further assistance.

As extra security measurement, consider adding keypad access to your garage door to allow your family keyless access. Instead of having to hide the key, you can simply give them a passcode to get access to the house. Some models of garage door openers also offer fingerprint access. You can easily change the code once it is not needed. If your current unit will not support the feature of keyless entry, you may consider upgrading the system.

  • No noise at all:

An old chain-driven garage door opener generates excess sounds. Taking measurements to eliminate the sounds and vibrations is extremely important if your garage door is adjacent to your living area. Recent models of openers are designed with rubber belts which makes them noticeably quieter. If your system is placed to the ceiling with the help of metal support, consider placing insulation to reduce vibrations and sounds.

  • Overall garage door repair project:

There are several reasons to upgrade your existing garage door opener. If you don’t know where to start the project of garage door opener replacement, consult a professional garage door technician and enjoy the added safety features and conveniences of a new unit.