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Welcome to the FORUM section of our website! We created this page to share our thoughts and opinions in our campaign and in this tax scam that is ongoing currently. As a citizen of America, we deserve to be treated right so let us take an action to make this happen. If you have any messages, questions, and answer to any of the questions that are posted, please share it with us by joining in this forum. If you are also against our campaign, please enlighten us and let us know about your personal opinion and thoughts peacefully without making war in between. Let us now start the thread and enjoy the peaceful forum.

There are reports/findings that some of the charitable organizations are taking advantage of the IRS expansion program and they are using this system to collect money from the citizens. The IRS had not been thoroughly thought of when it comes to its effect. No one bothered to look closely at the impact of their system before they implemented it. Now, thousands of citizens are becoming victims of this huge and scary scam. Katrina

You’re right Katrina. They should have analyzed properly what would have been the impact and effect of their enhanced IRS program before implementing it. Not only the charity organizations are taking advantage of their system but also many other groups of people who we can say are experts in scheming innocent taxpayers. The extent of this scam should stop before many citizens are affected and before all suffer from this. Anyway, by warning them and letting them know what they should do is one of the biggest action that had been made so far but this doesn’t end with it because the state is huge and there are millions of people paying their taxes who are still unaware of this situation. The IRS should take the next step and this time it should permanent and it should be approved by the majority of the state.Evans