Stop IRS Takeover - Revenue, TAX, payroll, government

We are not activists. What we are is a non-government organization that helps the people in America to be heard. We have been founded in 1994 and since then, we have never stopped to help the people. We will continue whatever we had started in the name of many individuals. We have been tireless in our efforts against the scams. We are petitioning, leafleting, writing analyses of current events, monitoring the situation and whenever many citizens are negatively being affected by the system of our government, many complaints are being filed about it, we guarantee that we will take an action and help you with all our might.

We are currently working on the petition to Stop the IRS Takeover Campaign. We are eager to make this petition complete and pass it to the highest government officials and the IRS Department for them to hear our voices. You can see us in your community giving a piece of factual information about the system of IRS – how does it affect thousands of American citizens and why. We do this to keep you on the loop of what has been happening around you.

We are also a citizen of this state and we want to have a good governance system for the future of the next generation. We care. We have voices so we take actions. We believe that our mission and vision in this state are only for the better and for the majority. We have been observing the government, the system, and the negative and positive effect of it on our economy and mostly to the citizens for almost 2 decades now. We already helped in the past and we will continue to help until there is still at least one citizen who is suffering and who is ready to make a change.
With our Stop IRS Takeover Campaign, it is best if you can help and support us through your signatures. Email us for more details about it and trust that we are pleased to let you know the facts.