What is the Stop IRS Takeover Campaign?

The IRS has recently proven once again that it cannot be trusted – abusing its power to target those with different political views than the Obama administration. At the same time, the IRS is considering an expansion of its powers to not just collect, but also prepare Americans’ tax returns – a huge conflict of interest. The Stop IRS Takeover Campaign is fighting to stop this IRS power-grab and its expensive, untested Big Government program that will result in a backdoor tax hike for millions of Americans and onerous reporting requirements for small businesses.

The Stop IRS Takeover Campaign is supported by CCIA and numerous nonprofit organizations and think tanks representing millions of American taxpayers. The campaign provides information and resources that demonstrate how this new IRS program will put Americans at risk for fraud and identity theft, add millions of dollars to the federal deficit, and deny taxpayers of their proper annual tax refund.